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Great Service!

Alejandro Zepeda

Vijay was very responsive to all of our needs, he does a great job putting things in layman’s terms and ensuring all parties are on the same page. This was a smooth and easy process, thank you!

Rilwan A Ajayi

I usually do not give a 10 rating and hence a 9 in this case. Mr Gosalia handled our trust planning and was very clear in explaining the causes. Due to covid, we had to have all our discussions over email and phone. He was available to explain the same thing more than once or twice, patiently. Scheduling appointments was also easy. They did respond quickly to my email questions seeking clarifications. I would definitely recommend Mr Vijay Gosalia for your trust planning.
Kathirazhagan Appavoo

My husband and I recently used Ortiz & Gosalia for our recent Will-Based Estate Planning needs. Communicative and thorough throughout the entire process. Pleased to have our efforts in order and even happier to have had the pleasure of working with such a professional group of individuals. 

Emma Decarreau

Vijay was excellent in explaining the nuances of the difference between simple and complex will for WA residents. He answered all of our questions, the entire process of getting my family’s will in place was very professional. Thank You! 

Gary Keong

I went to Ortiz & Gosalia to draft my first will. The process was very smooth and simple. On my first visit we went over my goals and what I wanted the will to say. They answered all my questions and helped me understand what decisions I was making. My next visit was to review and sign the final will. This was about as painless and straight forward as it could get.

Andrew Doxon

We worked with Vijay Gosalia to create our will and we are very happy with the outstanding service we received. Vijay took the time to explain our options to us, answered all of our questions, and provided guidance and recommendations throughout the process. In the few meetings we had with him, it was clear he is a very competent and knowledgeable attorney and we look forward to working with him again. 

Wendy Maimone

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