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At Ortiz & Gosalia, PLLC, we understand that sound business planning is the key to a successful business. Our attorneys work closely with clients throughout the life cycle of their businesses — whether it be formation, ongoing operations or the sale of the business — to help ensure proper formation, effective operations and the smooth transition of a business sale or transfer of ownership. Our focus is to provide legal services to both small and mid-sized businesses alike, and to establish ongoing relationships with our clients to assist them with current business operations.

Entity Formation

We work closely with clients to determine the most appropriate choice of entity structure based on the needs of both the business and the client. Whether, the business should be formed as a limited liability company (LLC), S-Corporation, C-Corporation or Partnership, our attorneys will discuss both the benefits and drawbacks of the various entities with you, while taking into account both tax considerations and functional needs of the client and the business.

In addition to establishing the correct entity for your business, we will ensure that all necessary documentation, both federal and state, is put into place for your business. This includes, registering the business with the Washington Secretary of State, filing a Master Business Application with the Department of Revenue (DOR), filing for any required city licenses, establishing accounts with the Employment Security Department (ESD) and the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) as well as applying for a Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN) with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

An important step in the formation of any business is drafting the operating agreement (LLC), shareholder agreement (S-Corp or C-Corp) or partnership agreement. These documents govern the internal workings of a business and are often vital to its success. Among other things, these documents govern how the business will be operated, how the owners will interact with each other, who will manage the business, how profits and expenses will be distributed or allocated, how new members, shareholders, or partners will be admitted, and how the business will be sold or liquidated if necessary. These documents can often be overlooked when a new business is created; however having such documents in place will help to prevent potential future problems that can unravel a business. Our attorneys will help you navigate these issues to prevent any such problems.

Business Operations

Once the business is established, we provide ongoing legal services which, among other items, include contract drafting (employment, vendor and client contracts), non-disclosure agreements, employee manuals, consulting regarding day-to-day operations, corporate formalities, and maintaining proper records to ensure full compliance with taxing authorities, and purchase and sale agreements.

We welcome you to contact Ortiz & Gosalia with regard to your business law. Call us at (425) 633-2004, send an email to, or use our online form. With Seattle area offices in Redmond, Bellevue and Kirkland, we serve clients throughout Washington State as well as those located internationally or in other U.S. states.

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